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Showing Your Home

Plan to be away from the house when it is shown. If you cannot be away for the entire range of time the prospects are expected, at the very least, disappear when they arrive – go for a walk around the neighborhood, or drive your car a block away and wait until the prospects leave to return. If all these are impossible, make yourself as invisible as possible on the dock, in the garage, or in a spare bedroom. And please, please, do NOT tour them around the house, or start explaining the features, or finding common conversation. If you have done a good job choosing your real estate agent, you will not need to do these things.

Turn ALL the lights on.

Open ALL the window treatments, even the sheers.

Have the house at a comfortable temperature.

Have some soft background music playing – “elevator” music, or soft classical or soft jazz. The music is to set a stage, not for listening to.

If there are extra vehicles that aren’t in the garage, park them down the street during any times that prospects are expected! The same applies for boats, trailers, bicycles, golf carts and anything else that might imply there isn’t enough storage space with the property.

Pleasing extras – optional but nice:

  • Fresh flowers
  • Freshly baked bread
  • Soft music, classical or easy listening  –  just for background and ambiance.

Be sure counters are cleared and clean, beds are made, towels are hung up. At least for the time of the showing, it’s not for living in, it’s to impress potential buyers.

(You’ve done all the things listed in Preparing to List Your Home, haven’t you?)