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Sample Seller Forms

It’s helpful for you to familiarize yourself with the forms that you’ll be encountering as you list your home for sale. The Florida Association of REALTORS and the Florida BAR Association have independently and jointly approved a number of forms that are widely used. The standard residential listing form is often modified by individual brokers, like ours. Be sure to look for any transaction or processing fees not included in the commission. Also be sure to note whether the listing broker is covered for any period of time after the listing expires or is withdrawn.
Sample Listing Agreement

Your REALTOR should also provide you with an Estimated Cost of Sale worksheet. It’s important to understand what expenses you’ll incur that will offset the purchase price. In Pinellas County, for example, it’s customary for the Seller to pay for title insurance and documentary stamps on the deed. You’ll also be paying prorated shares of property taxes, homeowner’s or condo association fees, etc. This worksheet will give you a good idea of what your bottom line will be.
Seller's Cost Worksheet

A seller who has lived in a home is required to complete a Seller’s Property Disclosure form, or a Condominium Disclosure Form. The agent is NOT allowed to complete this on a seller’s behalf. Be sure to disclose absolutely anything that materially affects the property. Being forthright with any issues can help avoid difficult re-negotiations after an inspection.
Seller's Property Disclosure Condominium Disclosure

If a home was built before 1978, Florida law requires a seller to complete a Lead-Based Paint Disclosure. If built between 2004-2006, many brokers will require a Chinese/Defective Drywall disclosure. There are many more which address mold, short sales and other topics, but these are the most common.
Lead Based Paint Disclosure Chinese Drywall Disclosure