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Unlike buying a home, where the real work begins once the contract has been signed, selling is a process where preparation is key. It’s never too early to prepare your house to go on the market. In most cases, the earlier you begin the process on your own, the more likely you will be to enjoy the experience.

Choosing an agent to sell your home is a critical step. Effective marketing can make a significant difference in how long a home stays on the market. Expertise in negotiating can determine whether you come to terms with a buyer. A smooth process from listing to closing should be expected from whomever you choose. Be sure to understand whether your listing agent represents you as a single agent or as a transaction broker. This is referred to as your Brokerage Relationship.

The process of marketing your home begins with you. Making all the little improvements, gathering the documentation, and preparing your house for photography and showings can make a huge difference. Make your house easy to buy and it will sell. Ultimately, isn’t this what you are trying to accomplish?